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If your looking for a new bathroom renovation, floor, media wall, countertops microcement is the product to use. Unique and luxurious finishes all hand crafted and bespoke to your choice and ideas.
It’s worth considering leaving installation or application of Microcement to the professionals. Here at LUXE Microcement we use the best products in the market. Not all Microcement is created equally and this innovative company has assisted us in developing mesmerising products with their incredible Microcement solution.
We can use Microcement to help us create bespoke:
  • garden bars
  • tables
  • countertops
  • almost anything else !
Fully waterproof worktop- hand-crafted for you.
Microcement is a concrete based coating that is lightweight compared to solid concrete with none of the associated issues. We use the same, premium Microcement across our range, a product that we trust and provides an array of benefits. At only 2-3mm thick, it is an excellent alternative for kitchen worktops, bathrooms, wet rooms and furniture. Fully waterproof worktop walls and floors hand-crafted for you.
This superior cement and resin hybrid is more than a stylish alternative to concrete and not bound by the same limitations. Microcement is anti-slip, mould resistant and a fully waterproof solution, making it suitable for walls and flooring and much more. The level of versatility behind Microcement allows it to seamlessly collaborate alongside other building materials including steel as well as oak and ply woods.
Our Microcement can be applied to a range of strong stable surfaces from tiles, plaster, timber, concrete and more. Whether your are retrofitting a home, working on a new development or wanting bespoke Microcement furniture – We believe the possibilities are truly endless…


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